Our Team of Passionate People

Meet our team of emergency specialists, always ready to act. Discover the passionate experts who make a difference day and night. Do you share our passion?


  • Dr David Krygier

    Dr David Krygier

  • Dr. Camille Lebrun

    Dr Camille Lebrun

  • Dr. Christine Monseur

    Dr Christine Monseur

  • Dr. Romane Decamps

    Dr Romane Decamps

  • Manisha Anderssen

    Dr Manisha Anderssen

  • Dr. Pauline Jaillon

    Dr Pauline Jaillon

  • Dr. Sophie Ventura

    Dr Sophie Ventura

  • Dr. Morgane Daloze

    Dr Morgane Daloze

  • Dr. Amaury Braem

    Dr Amaury Braem

  • Dr. Marc-Antoine Malacquis

    Dr Marc-Antoine Malacquis

  • Dr. Elisabeth Pansin

    Dr Elisabeth Pansin

  • Dr. Amélie Juvenée

    Dr Amélie Juvenée


  • Dr. Clémence Hurtrel

    Dr Clémence Hurtrel

  • Dr. Jacqueline Stoffels

    Dr Jacqueline Stoffels

Veterinary Assistants

  • Clara Job

    Clara Job

  • Vet female

    Catherine van Gasteren

  • Vet male

    Nathan Smet

  • Vet female

    Céline Pirlet

  • Vet female

    Lucie Vrel