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Passionate about animals and looking for a dynamic job? Join our emergency team at VET&GO!

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Our Passion A Team of Passionate People

If your love for animals guides you and you seek a dynamic and ever-evolving work environment, VET&GO is for you. We invite dedicated and talented professionals, including veterinary assistants, veterinarians, and surgeons, to join our committed team.
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An Ideal Work Environment

VET&GO is constantly looking for new collaborators to help us cure the growing number of distress cases among our four-legged patients. We have established four values within our structure that will be at the heart of our collegial relationship.

  • Reward

    Reward You

    We value every effort. It's essential for us to recognize and reward your unique contribution.

  • Care

    Take Care of You

    Your well-being is important to us. We ensure your health, safety, and fulfillment in our team.

  • Grow

    Develop You

    We support your training as a veterinary emergency doctor, investing in your career path.

  • Teach

    Value You

    We offer you opportunities to progress and grow with us, enriching our service with your skills.


Your Career Career Progression Opportunities and Support

We are proud to offer career progression paths and continuous training opportunities, aiming to foster your professional development. Join us to explore new challenges and advance your career.
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Veterinary Surgery

Veterinarian & Surgeon

Veterinary emergencies require a significant commitment. They occur at any time of the day or night, occasionally or suddenly, and cover all disciplines of veterinary medicine. Therefore, working in emergencies is extremely instructive and allows for intense learning.
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Veterinary Care Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

While the art of healing is reserved for veterinarians, it is inseparable from the art of caring, which is the role of Veterinary Care Assistants. We need you to ensure the care and well-being of our patients, whether they are in consultation, operated on, or hospitalized. Since this is a nighttime, weekend, and holiday activity, our veterinary assistants work under independent status.
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Continuous Learning


We pay special attention to training the younger generation because they represent the future of our profession, and we want to pass on the keys that will enable them to become excellent practitioners. We are therefore pleased to welcome interns from their first year of university studies.
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