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Veterinary emergency centers

Our centers located in Brussels are open when your attending veterinarian is closed

+32 2 720 00 24

Closed until 19:00

Veterinary emergency in Brussels

Our emergency centers take care of your pets during the nights, weekends and public holidays



Our veterinarians are trained in the techniques of veterinary emergencies



Specially equipped facilities with state-of-the-art medical equipment



Our ambulance is used to pick up your distressed pets



Close to the ring, our centers are easily accessible

Our engagements

We offer more than just an emergency service

Telefonische raad

Phone call and advice

A regulatory veterinarian advises you and assess the degree of urgency.


Emergency management

Our centers allow for the complete management of your pet’s emergency care.



We only take care of emergencies and are perfectly complementary to the activity of your attending veterinarian.

Medisch opvolging

Medical monitoring

After the consultation, a medical report is systematically delivered to you and your attending veterinarian.

Your pet's condition worries you and your attending veterinarian is closed?

Contact us for advice from a regulatory veterinarian

+32 2 720 00 24

About VET&GO

For all vet emergencies – we’re here when you need us

If the unthinkable happens and your pet has an accident or becomes ill and needs a vet urgently our professional team is available to help. A vet emergency often happens when you’re least expecting it and sometimes out of hours. We operate at weekends, on public holidays and throughout the night, so your pet gets the medical attention they need fast. If you need an emergency vet give us a call on +32 2 720 00 24 and we’ll advise you what to do next.

We have two modern centres located on the Brussels ring road. Each is equipped with the latest technology to ensure your pet receives the treatment it needs in a veterinary emergency. If necessary, we can send a pet ambulance to collect your pet, or you can travel to us if the vet advises it. When you call the vet will review the situation over the phone and decide if your pet needs treatment. If they have to stay with us overnight, we’ll arrange for their safe transfer to your usual vet as soon as is safe for them. There’s no need to worry about explaining complicated medical terms to your vet as we’ll send them a detailed report once we release your pet from our care.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health or they’ve had an accident and you can’t get in touch with your usual vet we’re here to help.