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In order to best prepare your visit, call us before coming to our center.

Veterinary emergency center

Our center located in Brussels is open when your attending veterinarian is closed

+32 2 720 00 24

Closed until 19:00

Your pet's condition worries you and your attending veterinarian is closed?

Contact us for advice from a regulatory veterinarian

+32 2 720 00 24

Our engagements

We offer more than just an emergency service

Telefonische raad

Phone call and advice

A regulatory veterinarian advises you and assess the degree of urgency.


Emergency management

Our centre allows for the complete management of your pet’s emergency care.



We only take care of emergencies and are perfectly complementary to the activity of your attending veterinarian.

Medisch opvolging

Medical monitoring

After the consultation, a medical report is systematically delivered to you and your attending veterinarian.