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An ideal place of work

VET & GO is constantly looking for new people to help us heal the ever-increasing distress of our four-legged patients. We have established four values within our structure that will be at the heart of our fraternal relationship.


Reward you

We are convinced that it is essential to recognise the added value of each individual contribution by rewarding you in different ways

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Take care of you

Your health and well-being are paramount and it's in our culture to make sure you feel happy, safe and fulfilled in our team


Develop your skills

We will train you for the emergency profession and we are ready to invest in your professional training that will interest us


Value you

We propose a perspective of evolution in our centre in order to make you want to make a career here and to bring us your skills


Veterinary emergencies require a significant commitment. They occur at any time of the day or night and affect all disciplines of veterinary medicine. As a result, working in emergencies is extremely instructive and allows intense learning.

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If the art of healing is reserved for veterinarians, it is inseparable from the art of caring which is the role of the Veterinary Care Assistant. We therefore need you as the guardian of the care and well-being of our patients, whether they are in consultation, being operated on or hospitalised.

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Veterinary Care Assistant


We pay special attention to the training of young adults because they represent the future of our profession and we want to give them the tools that will enable them to become excellent practitioners. We welcome students with great pleasure as of the first year of study at university.

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