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Our on-call veterinary center located in Woluwe is available to handle emergencies at night, on weekends, and on public holidays.

Map of our center in Woluwe

Our VET&GO center in Woluwe, nestled in the heart of the Brussels region, stands out for its specialized approach to veterinary emergencies. Located near municipalities such as Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Auderghem, Etterbeek, Kraainem, and Tervuren, our center is a reference point for residents throughout the region, including surrounding areas. We offer on-call and emergency veterinary services for your pets, including cats, dogs, and small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters…).

At VET&GO Woluwe, we understand the importance of prompt intervention in an emergency. Our experienced and passionate team is trained to handle all emergencies, from the most common to the most complex. We treat various symptoms, such as loss of appetite, respiratory problems, or food poisoning.

Although we are not a traditional clinic, our emergency center in Woluwe is equipped with an analysis laboratory and a medical imaging area, enabling rapid and accurate diagnoses.

We are available 24 hours a day on public holidays and every evening and night of the week to ensure your pet receives the care they need at the right time. If you live in the Brussels region, particularly in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Hoeilaart, Zaventem, Overijse, or in the surrounding Flemish municipalities, our VET&GO center in Woluwe is your trusted partner to take care of your pet's health in an emergency.

  • Surgery Room

    Surgery Room

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    Consultation Room

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  • Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging

  • Analysis Laboratory

    Analysis Laboratory