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Our emergency veterinary center located in Namur is available to handle emergencies at night, on weekends, and on public holidays.

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About the Namur Vet&Go Veterinary Center

A Welcome and Accessibility Designed for You and Your Pet

Ideally located in Namur, the Vet&Go emergency veterinary center offers specialized and immediate care for your pets. This center, easily accessible from various points in the region, including the communes of Ciney, Andenne, and Jambes, is designed to respond effectively and quickly to all veterinary emergencies. Our strategic location allows for quick access, which is essential in case of an emergency, and our on-site parking ensures that you can arrive and receive help without delay.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Quality Care

Our clinic is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies, including a comprehensive laboratory for fast and accurate analyses, as well as an imaging area equipped with ultrasound and X-ray. This cutting-edge technology enables our veterinarians in Namur to accurately diagnose the problem and intervene quickly, thereby increasing the chances of your pet's recovery.

We also offer a specialized hospitalization service. The Vet&Go clinic in Namur features a surgery room with the latest generation equipment, allowing our veterinarians to perform surgical interventions with maximum precision and efficiency.

  • Surgery Room

    Surgery Room

  • Consultation Room

    Consultation Room

  • Hospitalization


  • Medical Imaging

    Medical Imaging

  • Analysis Laboratory

    Analysis Laboratory

A Dedicated and Expert Team

The team at Namur Vet&Go consists of experienced veterinarians and qualified veterinary technicians, all passionate about animal welfare and trained to handle any type of emergency. Each member of our staff is committed to providing compassionate and competent care, ensuring that you and your pet are treated with respect and empathy from the moment you arrive.

Emergency Veterinary Services in Namur

Our veterinary clinic in Namur offers a wide range of emergency services to meet the varied needs of our patients. Whether it's a sudden illness, an accident, or an acute condition requiring immediate attention, our team of on-call veterinarians is ready to intervene. We handle common emergencies such as:

  • Food poisoning and toxic ingestions;
  • Road accidents;
  • Complications from chronic illnesses;
  • Seizures;
  • Injuries from fights or domestic accidents;
  • Surgical emergencies such as stomach torsions or intestinal obstructions;

Our Hours: Always Available in Case of Emergency

The emergency veterinary service in Namur Vet&Go is open on weekdays at night from 7 PM to 7:30 AM, on weekends from Saturday noon to Monday 7:30 AM, and 24/7 on public holidays. This availability ensures that you always have a place to turn to in case of an emergency for your pet, no matter the time.

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